Webinar Setup a Supply Chain in Africa
Inventory planning is one of the biggest challenges in Africa

A TIAS Business School Masterclass by Sjouke de Vries on how to develop and implement a Distribution and Supply Chain Strategy for Africa.​

How to reach the Base of the Pyramid

Inroads into Africa's Largest but Toughest Market

The Base of the Pyramid is Africa's largest market. Commercial Companies, Impact Enterprises and NGO's are all targeting this market segment due to its vast size and the impact that can be achieved on improving peoples lives. However, the consumers in this market are highly diverse and are often located in places that are difficult to reach. This white paper presents several approaches for reaching this target group, to market your product and to organise the supply chain.



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Strategic Distribution in Africa
A best practice distribution model focused on sell-through and sell-out

Many companies enter Africa for the first time through a third-party distributor. After a successful start many companies find that growth is stagnating and that profits are eroding. The root cause often is a fragmented distribution network focused on sell-in to distributors, strategic misalignment, no control on the Go-To-Market and no visibility of the end-to-end goods flow. This white paper presents a best practice approach for establishing and managing a strategic distribution network focused on sell-through and sell-out.

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Business in Africa
A practical guide for creating a Go-To-Market Strategy

Africa’s fast growing economies attract more and more businesses from outside the continent. However, only a few companies succeed and many struggle with the complexity and uncertainty of Africa. Starting business in Africa therefore requires a careful approach that not only focuses on the opportunities but also on how to mitigate the risks and uncertainty. This white paper proposes a 5-step approach that helps companies to successfully enter the continent.